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Today is December 12 and after a year of mammograms, atypia with clear margins, MRI, MRI guided biopsy that was benign and finally an ultrasound guided biopsy I was diagnosed 4 days ago with IDC 8mm grade 3 breast cancer! Yikes! Scared, positive, and every emotion you can imagine all at once! After all I am the one that was religious about going to get mammograms to be proactive! I just never thought I would be the one! I go Monday to see my surgeon who is awesome and I'm ready to get the show on the road! This is a new journey for me one that I will overcome and then share with every women for years ahead! This is where I will make another mark on the world! Thankful for my family and my enormous support to walk beside me and reguide me when I go crazy with emotions!!! Cancer has no idea who it chose! I got this!



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