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How do you live with the fear of reoccurence?

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    乳癌幸存者从 2010
    Try not to go there. You have so much life ahead of you. Live each day to its fullest. Don't let cancer take away anymore of your life.
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    Dear Kate, Your faith hold on to it and don't claim it, if you beleive god got you through this and you know god spared you give the lord thanks. I told my husband I'm at peace because he spared me and people will bring you down so fast. I had horrible things said to me but I know they have little faith, I told my husband if my cancer ever come back and I knew I was going to die with it that I had come to the understanding that was the way god was going to take me home.So live your day to the fullest and be happy because we are here for now and it is gods will not ours
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