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What if you skip some radiation treatments? I have just been diagnosed with Stage 1, and we have a trip planned that we cannot cancel. I will undergo a lumpectomy next week followed by radiation.

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  • Omar Hinojosa Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    The best thing to do is go as scheduled. If this is not possible then you should see if it is possible to complete treatment at another center. You should pose this question to your oncologist since no information was given about your breast cancer. For instance, if you are HER-2 positive I would state that it is not in your best interest. My mother has breast cancer and has two residence. To date we have traveled and received treatment at those destinations. We have traveled and received treatment in El Paso, Alabama, Tennessee and Chicago. Hope this helps
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  • Heather Chamber Profile
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    Generally u should have at least two weeks after ur surgery b4 starting any radiation. That area needs to heal b4 they start the next phase. Good luck hun. Be strong
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  • Carla Victor-rawson Profile
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    I was just diagnosed as well, from all the info I have read and friends who have been through the same thing, you need to speak to your doctor. My doctor wants to start my radiation 4 weeks from surgery...so, what ever happens I have to clear my schedule.
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    • Sue Davis Nicolini Profile
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      I also was diagnosed in Jan.2012 and was getting ready leave on a month long trip the middle of Feb. My doc said go ahead and have fun we will get to the radiation when you return. I started the 2nd wk of April. I was diagnosed with DCIS.

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