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Anyone else experience vision changes with herceptin? (it is only affecting my close up vision)

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  • Ana Naluh Andrade Profile
    Not with Herceptin but with the chemo with Taxol and now with Femara.
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  • Adrienne private Profile
    Stage 3C 病人
    I have had vision changes, but I do not know if it is from the Herceptin, Taxol or later Taxetere. Hard to say with so many things being pumped into my body. My oncologist told me vision changes are normal during chemo and don't get new glasses til chemo a few months after chemo is finished.
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  • Elaine Westmacott Profile
    Yes, I too have noticed close up vision changes, I am one third of the way through 18 sessions of Herceptin, this will be the drug that the medics say " has little or no side effects." Don't you all wish they would be honest with us?
    大约 7 年 评论 旗帜

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