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10 days post surgery now. The swelling is going down but my nipple hurts terribly when I get chilled. This is what happened when I breast fed 20 years ago. Can I use heat on my breast now? The bruising is almost all gone.

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Stage 2A 病人 7 年多
  • Isabel Souchet Profile
    Survivor since 2010
    I was told not to use heat or cold, I'd ask your surgeon
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    Survivor since 2012
    I was never told I could use heat or cold on my breast. I had and still have the sensation in the nipple. I found wearing my sports bra really helped. Had partial apr 4 and still sleep in one many nights. :-) Jo
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    Stage 2A Patient
    My surgeon had me using ice everyday to reduce swelling but the cold is causing my nipple to hurt, so I was hoping to use heat. I will call in the morning, thanks
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