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54 Found breast lump. Saw MD drained cyst. Mammogram showed finding. Ultrasound showed 3 masses. BI RAD 3. Saw surgeon scheduled a breast biposy wired guided Aug 31st. Same breast nipple x2 DX plugged gland No family HX adopted. Worried please advise.

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了解乳腺癌 接近 8 年
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    Survivor since 2012
    Dear A, You're already doing the right thing by finding out what's going on. Hang in there. Keep posting. JO :-D
    接近 8 年 旗帜
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      Learning About Breast Cancer

      Had breast biopsy not malignant. Developed hematoma. Sore and painful Using ice/ wearing sports bra. Has anyone experienced this? How often going forward should I have mammogram/ultrasound. Will address with Dr. and surgeon.

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