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I had a breast exam and they found three lumps. I also have dark blue discharge that has been going on for a few years what do you think it might be?

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    Only a doctor can tell you what it is for sure. Did your doctor order further tests after your breast exam?
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    If I had a discharge of any kind from my breast I would seek help immediately. Were additional tests or a biopsy ordered for the lumps? Please get immediate help.
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      yes, but they did not see anything. I also had a catscan on brain and found clear.

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    Get help asap. That is not a good sign my mom just told me, but it could be medically related to P.M. drugs as well. To many poisons in your body. I have to watch out due to heredity and pain management drugs. That scares me to no end of tomorrow. Stay on top of it at all times. I have 2 doctors that do
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