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Is it normal to be tired 6 days after the first chemo?

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    Everyone's body handles chemo. differently. I had 4 cycles and at times I was more tired than others so made sure I got as much sleep as I felt my body needed. It's not time to go out and run a marathon, take it easy, and you'll be OK.
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    I don't know what your first dose was. For my friend it was adriamycin and cytoxin. Because of the steroids, she was zooming the first night after treatment. The afternoon of the treatment, she felt fine! After sitting in the infusion chair for so long, she was ready to shop and go out to dinner (she lived in a very rural area 1 1/2 hours from her treatment center), and drive the long drive home. That was Wednesday. On Friday, she would get Neulasta shot and begin to feel a little crummy. Saturday and Sunday she was down for the count and slept or listened to meditation tapes for a good portion of the time. By Monday, she was feeling quite a bit better and was back at work! she would feel fine for the next week and a half until it was time to do it all over again. Taking the anti-nausea meds, hydration, keeping busy, and following everything your oncologist tells you to do really helps in getting through chemo. https://fightcancerwithbeauty.com/25-skin-care-for-cancer-patients
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      This is not a site for selling your products for skin care.

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