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At age 63 starting this adventure ..& our interrupted summer for >>> wellness!

May 1 routine mammogram
May 2 call back for more films -cluster of microcalcifications
May 8 stereotactic right breast biopsy
May 13 results back - interductal carcinoma insitu
May 14 met with surgeon - have a hematoma from biopsy - surgery scheduled June 4

In between appointments and re- arranging the life of a family
And wondering how this can be as I am feeling well and healthy - that is the good news !

Mine is the breast cancer in our family - I have a sister, 2 daughters and a granddaughter - this will now become part of their story too .
It is not just about the patient - the ripples go far and wide.

Sharing experiences and knowledge and encouragement are why and how I found this site.
To anyone who reads this - best wishes on your own journey - may strength and courage and peace be there when we all need it .

One step - one appointment at a time and in - between lots of patience and distractions to fill the time ........

June 4 lumpectomy - luckily clear margins first try but developed hematoma
July 24 started radiation
25 whole breast and 8 boosts - did well except for done skin irritation at the end of both .
Sore but no unusual tiredness - just the usual .
I am very grateful
to be done. The treatment part !
Next appointments in 3 months ...
Time for healing and wellness and some days without medical appointments !
Best wishes to all who might read my story .



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