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Jen Yong

乳癌幸存者从 2011

Boston, Mass

My name is Jen, I'm 32 and from Boston Mass....After being laid off from work last year, I found out I had Stage 2B Breast Cancer in November of 2011....Since then, I received 16 rounds of Chemo, then over this past summer (June) I had a left side mastectomy and currently I am on Day 21 out of 28 Radiation sessions.

I am also HER2 positive so I have to get Herceptin through my port every 3 weeks...

In about 6 months I will also undergo reconstruction surgery AND will have my right breast removed with reconstruction as well!

I am also Asian and in my culture, Breast Cancer is not really discussed and I would love for that to change and just spread intormation- I stumbled upon this site while looking up articles about the side effects of Radiation and thought it was so great I decided to sign up and join this great network of women!

I also have a blog about all my treatment / with pictures and videos about my progress:

I also did the 3 day Komen walk a month after my surgery with one of my closest friends and it was a great way to get back to being myself both mentally and physically...

I've shy-ed away from joining any of the support groups but would love to meet more young survivors! :)



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