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I just had a lumpectomy two weeks ago and the skin on my breast is so sensitive. Saw surgeon last week to remove stiches and there is no infection said it will take some time. About how long would it take to feel normal if ever?

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    I had a large area removed, and an implant was placed at the same time. Then I had radiation. I do not have a lot of feeling that I used to have. I don't know if it is from nerves being severed or from the radiation. It has been a year and a half since surgery, and my skin feels numb.
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    I had a mastectomy and my surgeon used disolving sutures inside and surgical glue on the outside covered with steristrips so no sutures to remove. There were sutures around the drainage tubes to hold them in that came out when the tubes were removed.
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    It might take awhile specially if the surgeon took out lymph nodes. I had my lumpectomy last April but I still feel a little sensitivity and numbness.
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    Hi Bunny I felt fine after 2 months. I had lymph nodes removed that discomfort took a little longer. 35 radiation treatments after 2nd month & it wasn't bad. My stitches were dissolving & after a couple of showers they were gone. I never took pain meds just antibiotic for 5 days. A lumpectomy is surgery & it's normal to have pain.
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