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Does exercise help when you are undergoing chemotherapy?

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    Exercising while undergoing chemotherapy can be beneficial both psychologically and physically. Light and stimulating exercise can help to reduce fatigue and the risk of thrombosis (blood clotting in the veins). It can also keep the bones strong and healthy and reduce the risk of weight gain related to chemotherapy. A walk or gentle run has also been known to help with mild nausea. Additionally, exercise can increase your sense of self-empowerment and improve social integration. You need to remember that your ability to perform strenuous exercise may be impaired, so you need to develop a light exercise routine and find a balance that is most beneficial to you. Hope this helps!
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    It helped me!
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    I found a "yoga for breast cancer" class at my local Cancer Care Center. Free class, usually just a few women, really helpful. That and walking, even just a few blocks, I have noticed a difference between doing and not doing. Very hard for me to get motivated though!
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