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What are the recommended medicines and doses for triple negative?

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    I don't know if recommended is the right word but I did go through Chemo and radiation when I was diagnosed back in 2005. My treatment involved 8 treatments of dose dense Chemo every other week followed by 6 weeks of radiation. My oncologist is at Rush Hospital in Chicago, a very well respected doctor, Melody Cobleigh. First 4 treatments were AC followed by 4 treatments of Taxol which is pretty much standard with triple negative. Mine was Stage I, Node negative, grade 3. triple negative is an aggressive type of breast cancer but they are learning more and more every year about how to treat it. I'm doing well 6 years out. If you want more info on Triple Negative Breast Cancer, they is a website at www.triplenegative.com I think. Good wishes and positive prayers to you. You will get through this!
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