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How will smoking affect breat cancer's development, growth, and treatment?

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    It probably depends on an individuals genetics how smoking would affect the human body. We all look for ways of twisting statistics whether it is eating a pound of candy each day to smoking.... etc. "It won't affect me.....because." We all know smoking isn't good for the human body. I had none of the factors for suspecting I would be a breast cancer victim. I have never smoked, never drank, no breast cancer in my family on either side, lived an active life, my weight always under normal and still got breast cancer. Go figure.....? The thing I personally witnessed working in a Periodontist's office (gum disease). When a patient would come back in for their one week post-op check, the smokers had more problems, their mouth tissue looked more swollen and purple, not well oxygenated. They took a much longer time to heal. People who did not smoke, tissues just looked healthier. Much less problems with healing and quicker to heal too. Try to quit smoking. You will have a lot more money to spend, and will feel better in the long run. I have heard it is very, very, difficult to quit but there are ways to help people to their goal of being smoke free. Take care, Sharon
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