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Any advice on how to not irritate the stitches in your arm pit?

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Stage 1 病人 接近 7 年
  • Linda G Profile
    Stage 1 Patient
    Thanks Andre. Good idea!
    接近 7 年 评论 旗帜
  • Deborah Camacho Profile
    Stage 2A Patient
    One: Use a small, soft pillow to keep your arm lifted away from the pit. Two: When I started to heal the sweat irritated me, so I used cornstarch to stay dry.
    接近 7 年 评论 旗帜
  • André Roberts Profile
    Stage 1 Patient
    I loosely tied an open bandana around my pit/shoulder. It helped a lot. Hope you find comfort. Prayers to you.
    接近 7 年 评论 旗帜

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