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After a bilateral mastectomy 8 days ago, the drains are still coming out very dark red. Is that normal or should they be starting to clear up by now? (and the left sides output is always double the right side)

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    Hi Jessica. You might want to call your surgeon and ask. I just had my bilateral mastectomy Monday and my drain fluid is a little lighter now. One side drains more with me as well. Yours is probably ok but it might not hurt to check in just to be on the safe side. :)
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    Thanks so much ladies guess I worried myself for nothing they both came out yesterday:) ahhh what a relief to be rid of those annoying things!!! One step closer to being back to myself again:)
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    Hi Jessica, yes this can be very normal. My right drain stayed in for Two weeks, and my left drain had a much darker color draining from it, and it was in for 4 weeks. Good luck, hang in there!
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    i see this is an old post but i had the same question so i'll reply for the next person who might see it. i asked the doctor today and they said it is normal because we start to get more active and move around more.
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