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Has anyone had tremors in their hands after chemo? ( I finished last week) It started about a month ago.

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    Jennifer, It sounds like it could be a neuropathy problem. Ask your doctor as soon as you can. Nerves can recover it just takes time. Take care, Sharon
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    I haven't had tremors but my hands do ache at night .. I notice this at night n in morn ..weird things happen to our bodies ..i told dr but he didnt know , I'm 3 months post chemo .. But still on Herceptin n tamoxifen .. Ask yur dr , could b nerve issues u r having ?
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    I never had that
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    I was always pretty shaky the whole time I was in chemo! I noticed it kinda stopped around the same time the dark spots on my hands and feet went away. Dr said it was all due to chemo ;( it took about 2 months after I was done with treatment.
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