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Has anyone experienced this? I have a couple of small very hard lumps near an incision line in breast with TNBC 4 years ago. The 2 lumps are new (past couple of weeks) and are gravelly and growing.

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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    I am sure you already know the answer to this.... you need to have this checked asap. Hang in there and take care, Sharon
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  • vicky kayley Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I agree see your doctor , do not hang about , my thoughts and prayers are with you x x
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Thank you for caring. I am alone and haven't told anyone about this. There are reasons I can't go to the Dr. I was hoping to get an answer saying that scar tissue takes this long to build up. Your responses made me feel less isolated. Thank you again.
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