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You guys would be so proud of me . I told a family member it was mine and my husbands choice on treatment and they could know when I wanted to tell them . I don't really stand up for my self very often so this great . Had to share a success.

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了解乳腺癌 接近 8 年
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    Survivor since 2007
    Traciann, Sometimes breast cancer brings with it some blessings. For you, it has brought out that inner courage that was probably already there. You are already showing you are up for the fight. You are a strong woman, and will win this battle. Good for you, Traciann. You will be ok. Wishing you more strength and courage! Atta Girl! Blessings, Sharon
    接近 8 年 评论 旗帜
  • julie s Profile
    Stage 2A Patient
    This is your journey! Share what you want with who you want when you want. It gets easier to share what's going on as your treatment plan is laid out. For me I'm glad I shared what is going on ( once I was ready to) because its been nice to have the support and encouragement and help from them. Best of luck! ☺Julie
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    You go girl!
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  • anonymous Profile
    Survivor since 2012
    Good job ! Boundaries are so important to keep.
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