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Yellow spots on my nipples? Should I be worried?

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  • Anne Marie jacintho Profile
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    Your nipples have little pin points pores when you are pregnant and breast feeding the milk comes out from all these pores. If you are not pregnant these pores are not as pronounced and you should not have any drainage from them. If you do have drainage you need to see a doctor ASAP . I read your other questions and response being 16 with ovarian cyst and on birth control pills you must have a gynecologist that is following you. Please make an appt to have all your concerns evaluated. Do not wait. The sooner you are examined the sooner your concerns can be addressed if you need treatment it can be started and better yet a reassurance that you are in good health will give you peace of mind and a better understanding of your body. Your doctor would be the best person to answer all your questions after examining you.
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  • julie s Profile
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    See a doctor anytime you are concerned about anything that doesn't seem normal
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  • Traci Brundage Profile
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    If you have yellow coming out it sounds like a thyroid issue which can start at puberty . Go get it checked out you will feel better once you do
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