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Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for treating a headache? I had my first of four AC treatments Thursday and there's been a nonstop headache since then.

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    Ask your doc for something for the headaches if OTC stuff is not working. Some chemos cause that side effect and if so, the OTC stuff may not work. Don't suffer through it. You don't want to do that and your chemo team doesn't either, so ask. Also be sure to drink lots of fluids because dehydration will contribute to headaches as well. Good luck to u
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    Sometimes it is the anti nausea meds. I was so worried about nausea that I think I took too much of the anti nausea stuff which causes the headache. Try to back off from the ... Can't remember the name. Gas... Something in a green packet. Bad headaches with that one.
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    See a chiropractor
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