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How is vascular invasiveness tested?

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    vascular invasion is something doctors look for in a breast cancer tumor under a microscope. If there is vascular invasion in the tumor, they can see breast cancer cells inside of tiny blood vessels. Sometimes the vascular invasion is there, but it is difficult for doctors to see. There are some special dyes that are used to make the invasion easier to see. Doctors look for vascular invasion because if it is present, it is easier to expect that the cancer cells have made their way outside of the tumor into the lymph nodes or farther. But, invasion can be present without any signs of cancer spread to lymph nodes or elsewhere.
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    When we talk about vascular, we are talking about the blood vessels and the lymph nodes. When it comes to the blood normally we detect locations where vessels might have carried tumour cells by a high definition CT scanning, with those images it's safe to say that the vessels have not carried anything when the images are clear. To detect if the lymph vessels has carried any tumour cells to lymph nodes, we started relatively recently with what we call a " sentinel lymph technology"; with this method we inject a dye that has the ability to detect the first lymph node that was touched by tumour cells and remove it accurately. other methods exists but am trying to be as clear as possible. Senoir internal medicine resident, Geneva's university hospital.
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