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Lumpectomy with 6 weeks radiation or a mastectomy???

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了解乳腺癌 2 个月
  • Betti A Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    There are numerous factors for both. What is your doctor recommending? Gather all your facts both pro and con and ask your doctor. If need be seek a 2nd and if need be a 3rd opinion. One must decide on what they feel is their best option. I had a mastectomy but still had 5 1/2 weeks of radiation and 4 cycles of chemotherapy.
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      Learning About Breast Cancer

      It’s been Seven months since my last radiation can I have a tattoo cover up I’ve been in remission for six months

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    • Betti A Profile
      Survivor since 2013

      Ask your doctor(s) about it.

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  • Merri Sedgwick Profile
    stage_1 Patient
    I had a lumpectomy with 16 radiation treatments. Each person’s situation is different, so as Betti suggested, get a second, third or fourth opinion, and then do what you know is best for you. Trust your gut; you’ll do the right thing!
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    Survivor since 2019
    I had a lumpectomy with 21 radiation treatments. No chemo. HR+, HER2 negative, Stage 1, Grade 2. Surgeon felt mastectomy would be overkill. BUT, I have mild asthma, and the radiation caused irritation and inflammation in my lungs, exacerbating my asthma. I felt horrible. It took 2 months after radiation for everything to clear up, using a combination of prednisone and steroidal inhalers. If I had known this could have been a side effect, I might have opted for a mastectomy and avoided radiation all together.
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