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I too will be starting my AC Chemo treatment after completing 11 doses of Herceptin, Perjetta and Taxolwhich. I start AC chemo which I am fearimg the most. How much help will I need when I start this regiment while also raising a 7 yr old home for summer?

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    Chemo. effects everyone differently. My place arranged a ride to and from my first treatment to see how my body would handle it as I live alone. I lived about a mile from the center and would have been able to handle that first one but it was nice to know I had a ride to and from the center anyway.
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    Not sure if you have started AC yet. It’s a tough chemo, not gonna lie. I usually felt good day of and day after, then would hit me hard next few days. It’s accumulative so gets worse each treatment. I could barely walk for a few days each treatment. White blood cells down to almost zero. You will probably need intermittent help with your kid. Some days ok, some days bad. Hang in there.
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